List of members

The list below contains the members of the Daily Anime Marathon Club.
A list of fatalities (people not keeping up with the marathon) can be found here.

Name Join date Active? DAMC/DMMC
nyankochan 2016-06-16 Yes Yes/Yes
Mousekateer627 2016-06-18 No Yes/No
minoriakabe 2016-06-27 No Yes/Yes
Tentoumushi 2016-06-28 No No/Yes
jypsyjulia 2016-07-24 Yes Yes/Yes
vorp 2016-08-16 No Yes/No
Haiku 2016-08-16 No Yes/No
Veral42 2016-08-25 No Yes/No
NicoCake 2016-09-04 No Yes/Yes
JessePM 2016-10-02 Yes Yes/No
JESSETHEBUSH 2016-10-03 Yes Yes/Yes
OrangeJuiceC 2017-01-29 Yes Yes/No
nadiblue 2017-02-06 Yes Yes/No
Natsu92 2017-04-09 Yes No/Yes
Vavvaflo 2017-04-09 Yes No/Yes
Total number of members: 64