List of members

The list below contains the members of the Daily Anime Marathon Club.
A list of fatalities (people not keeping up with the marathon) can be found here.

Name Join date Active? DAMC/DMMC
jakelikesnaps 2016-02-01 No Yes/No
Bestanimeserie 2016-02-02 Yes Yes/No
Taek 2016-02-04 Yes Yes/Yes
manga_or_manha 2016-02-04 Yes Yes/Yes
hamletsmage 2016-02-06 Yes Yes/Yes
TitanLavi 2016-02-06 No Yes/Yes
Maki8FT 2016-02-10 No Yes/No
Yakoz 2016-02-10 Yes Yes/Yes
Service 2016-04-02 Yes Yes/No
casandra29 2016-04-03 No No/Yes
Sianeka 2016-04-28 Yes Yes/Yes
FullmetalDragon 2016-05-18 Yes Yes/Yes
Xedrox 2016-05-22 No Yes/No
Margrigas 2016-05-29 Yes Yes/No
RickGrimes 2016-06-03 Yes Yes/Yes
Total number of members: 64