Manga Marathon #0 (April)

Marathon schedule

The list below contains the schedule for the Daily Anime/Manga Marathon Club.

Entries highlighted in yellow are entries that we have already watched and the entry that is not highlighted is today's pick. Anything highlighted in red means that if you haven't completed it yet you have failed the marathon.

Next entry available in 23h 59m 59s
Date Name Notes Submitted by
2016-04-25 Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru! Welcome to the start of the daily manga marathon! ChalamiuS
2016-04-26 IC In A Sunflower XMrNiceguyX
2016-04-27 Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso ChalamiuS
2016-04-28 La Pomme Prisonniere XMrNiceguyX
2016-04-29 Yuri Yuri ChalamiuS
2016-04-30 Warlord: Sandstorm XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-01 Houkago x Ponytail ChalamiuS
2016-05-02 Hell Baby XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-03 Honto no Kanojo ChalamiuS
2016-05-04 A Certain Around 30's Delusions XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-05 Make Sweet ChalamiuS
2016-05-06 Nijigahara Holograph XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-07 Inu o Kau ChalamiuS
2016-05-08 Brother Shuffle! XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-09 Uzumaki Celebratory pick #1: Spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals spirals. ChalamiuS
2016-05-09 Murasakiiro no Qualia Celebratory pick #2. We did not have enough shounen, so here's one! (Sorry thor123) XMrNiceguyX
2016-05-09 Dark Seed Celebratory pick #3: A present to thor123 because he read the other two DAMC