Anime Marathon #6 (June-July)

Marathon schedule

The list below contains the schedule for the Daily Anime/Manga Marathon Club.

Next entry available in 23h 59m 59s
Date Name Notes Submitted by
2017-06-14 Miss Monochrome Welcome to the next anime'thon, where we have to get going with some android SoL 8) XMrNiceguyX
2017-06-15 Mushishi Special: Sun-Eating Shade Because everyone needs a sample of Mushishi ChalamiuS
2017-06-16 One-Punch Man: Road to Hero SpanglishJC
2017-06-17 Yousei Ou Nicknames
2017-06-18 Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars LadyPsychic
2017-06-19 Traveling Daru A super short to catch your breath! XMrNiceguyX
2017-06-20 I've Always Liked You Madiz
2017-06-21 Dragon Half Because we need more old (ecchi) shows ChalamiuS
2017-06-22 Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War SpanglishJC
2017-06-23 Goku: Midnight Eye Explicit content Margrigas
2017-06-23 Neo Tokyo Alternative pick Margrigas
2017-06-24 Burn Up! Nicknames
2017-06-25 Momoko, Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo AKA My Sister, Momoko, AKA BAWL-YOUR-EYES-OUT XMrNiceguyX
2017-06-26 Digital Juice FullmetalDragon
2017-06-27 Inferno Cop Let's see what captain skeleton is up to. ChalamiuS
2017-06-28 Hen Semi Explicit content nadiblue
2017-06-28 NyanPire the animation Alternative pick nadiblue
2017-06-29 Comedy SpanglishJC
2017-06-30 Midori no Neko This marathon needs some Tezuka Nicknames
2017-07-01 Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture Service
2017-07-02 Fake Explicit content Sure, why not! XMrNiceguyX
2017-07-02 Song of Wind and Trees Alternative pick Yeaaah! XMrNiceguyX
2017-07-03 Mars of Destruction [1/2] Shitweek sure is going to be shit ChalamiuS
2017-07-03 Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven [2/2] There's no escaping the shit. ChalamiuS
2017-07-04 Wicked City Explicit content Thrawn
2017-07-04 Legend of Koizumi Alternative pick Thrawn
2017-07-05 Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika SURPRISE! SpanglishJC
2017-07-06 Call me Tonight Explicit content Taekwondoin
2017-07-06 Gekigangar 3 Alternative pick Taekwondoin
2017-07-07 Riki-Oh Explicit content Nicknames
2017-07-07 Koroshiya-san: The Hired Gun Alternative pick Nicknames
2017-07-08 Super Seisyun Brothers Some Josei to throw in there XMrNiceguyX
2017-07-09 Harmonie Nyankochan
2017-07-10 Asagao to Kase-san. You know what this marathon needs? Some shoujo ai. ChalamiuS
2017-07-11 Shashinkan SpanglishJC
2017-07-12 Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku hotsauce2000
2017-07-13 Insufficient Direction Nicknames
2017-07-14 Megane na Kanojo "It's was imposseyeball to not suggest this 'spec'tacular show!" - Kiruti, 2017 Kiruti