Anime Marathon #5 (February-March)

Marathon schedule

The list below contains the schedule for the Daily Anime/Manga Marathon Club.

Entries highlighted in yellow are entries that we have already watched and the entry that is not highlighted is today's pick. Anything highlighted in red means that if you haven't completed it yet you have failed the marathon.

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Date Name Notes Submitted by
2017-02-01 Robot Girls Z Let's start at what we do best. Robots 8) XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-02 I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying ChalamiuS
2017-02-03 I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread Continuation of the previous day SpanglishJC
2017-02-04 Kirara AKA that OVA that was replaced by Drifters in the last anime'thon Nicknames
2017-02-05 Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson AngelBeatsYui
2017-02-06 Utopa Time for some Anime Mirai... or Anime Tamago as they call it now XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-07 Aki no Kanade FullmetalDragon
2017-02-08 The Red Turtle ChalamiuS
2017-02-09 Tsumiki no Ie Part [1/2] hotsauce2000
2017-02-09 Shelter Part [2/2] hotsauce2000
2017-02-10 Honobono Log SpanglishJC
2017-02-11 Switch Nicknames
2017-02-12 Arata-naru Sekai Kiruti
2017-02-13 Denpa Teki na Kanojo Mystery week! XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-14 Domain of Murder LadyPsychic
2017-02-15 Comet in Moominland Someone else suggested this, but we didn't pick that one... so I'll pick this instead! ChalamiuS
2017-02-16 Ghost in the Shell Yes I picked GitS SpanglishJC
2017-02-17 Glassy Ocean Taekwondoin
2017-02-18 Fastening Days Nicknames
2017-02-18 Fastening Days 2 Nicknames
2017-02-19 Ontama! Margrigas
2017-02-20 Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi Explicit content - I hope this is like Diabolik Lovers, best series of all time XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-20 Houkago no Shokuinshitsu Alternative pick - Everybody loses today XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-21 Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman We can't let Niceguy win the race to the bottom now can we? ChalamiuS
2017-02-22 Tanjou Debut SpanglishJC
2017-02-23 The Asylum Session Thrawn
2017-02-24 Sushi Police Nicknames
2017-02-25 Wild Cardz Madiz
2017-02-26 Saiyuki (OVA) The OVA of a pretty big franchise. Also, I welcome the (adventure) fantasy theme XMrNiceguyX
2017-02-27 Battle Angel Alita thor123
2017-02-28 Grave of the Fireflies We've already had plenty of shows that are too long by now, one more won't hurt. ChalamiuS
2017-03-01 Cassette Girl Part [1/2] Service
2017-03-01 Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue Part [2/2] Service
2017-03-02 Mei to Koneko Bus It's a cat what is also a bus! (As this is a Ghibli Museum Short that means that only cam recordings of it are available. At least it will be like being in the cinema right?) SpanglishJC
2017-03-03 Tabi Machi Late Show Nicknames