The table below contains the members that have been knocked out of a marathon by one of the shows (failing to watch it within a 5 day period of it being revealed).

Name Date
hotsauce2000 2015-10-30 Eloped with alba's mom from Senyuu. 2
erratictransparency 2016-01-05 Did not get rescued by Rescue Me!
TitanLavi 2016-03-02 Got eaten by demons in Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek
saiyamar 2016-03-03 Got crushed by cindy in Plastic Nee-san
Maki8FT 2016-03-11 Choo choo, run over by the feels train travelling at 5 Centimeters per Second
manga_or_manha 2016-03-16 Disappeared from reality in Hotarubi no Mori e
Yakoz 2016-03-16 Shounen master downed by the overwhelming shoujo in Hotarubi no Mori e
manga_or_manha 2016-04-29 Manga master felled by the copious amounts of shoujo ai and moe in Yuri Yuri
TitanLavi 2016-06-08 Got hit by an arrow and bled to death in Bride of Deimos
Bestanimeserie 2016-06-08 Got incinerated and used as fertilizer in Bride of Deimos
Xedrox 2016-06-10 Got his soul reaped by the reapers in Kuro no Sumika: Chronus
jakelikesnaps 2016-06-27 Got sacrificed in accordance to the prophecy in Holy Knight
manga_or_manha 2016-07-19 Failed the physics test in The Manga Guide to Physics
minoriakabe 2016-07-22 Got caught in the crossfire between shouko and akkii in Love Death.
Taek 2016-07-26 Didn't get to touch shima in No Touching at All
nyankochan 2016-08-05 Went too much overboard and was fired from Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari
NicoCake 2016-09-01 Got hit by a baseball and got knocked out in Hotori: Tada Saiwai o Koinegau
manga_or_manha 2016-09-01 Tripped down the stairs and got knocked out of the marathon... again... in Hotori: Tada Saiwai o Koinegau
TitanLavi 2016-09-03 Drove off the track and flew into the sunset in Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid
jypsyjulia 2016-09-06 Got trapped in a mechanical bed in Roujin Z
RickGrimes 2016-09-10 Didn't manage to escape prison in Dead Leaves
Veral42 2016-09-16 Got blown away in Kaze no Matasaburou (2016)
Bestanimeserie 2016-09-23 Lost the race in Nasu: Summer in Andalusia
Taek 2016-11-05 Got lost in the complexities of not simple
manga_or_manha 2016-11-16 Went into the world of souls and never returned in Black Paradox
NicoCake 2016-11-20 Became an afternoon snack for a dragon in Ryuu no Kawaii Nanatsu no Ko
JessePM 2017-02-04 Veered into the wrong lane and crashed into a truck in Kirara
JESSETHEBUSH 2017-02-10 Their heart was warmed so much it boiled in Honobono Log
Sianeka 2017-02-21 Was butted out of the marathon by Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
chii 2017-02-26 Was blown up by one of ensui's bombs in Saiyuki (OVA)
RickGrimes 2017-04-12 Couldn't get through the barrier in Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou to
Julsss94 2017-04-18 Got lost in time and space in A Distant Neighborhood
Taek 2017-06-14 Ran out of batteries and disappeared in Miss Monochrome
Bestanimeserie 2017-06-16 Got punched into oblivion in One-Punch Man: Road to Hero
RickGrimes 2017-06-21 Fell into a pool of lava and melted in Dragon Half
nyankochan 2017-06-24 Got captured by samuel mccoy in Burn Up!
FullmetalDragon 2017-06-28 Was weirded out by all the fetishes in Hen Semi
MikelikesBikes 2017-07-01 Escaped gravity and flew off into space Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture
zerothehero 2017-07-07 Got punched to death in Riki-Oh
Thrawn 2018-03-16 Here lies the vestigial empire of thrawn, whose valiant pick of redline exceeded the time limit and whom finally succumbed to sloth after multiple marathons of watching shit right at the end. may milky angels sing thee to thy grave, you rat bastard. died to the wuss pick Song of Wind and Trees
Zed60K 2018-03-23 Got eaten by Kaijuu Girls
BurntJelly 2018-12-01 Fell down the mountain of rules in Encouragement of Climb
HuMaximus 2018-12-02 Missed the deadline A Day Before Us
Zed60K 2018-12-04 Couldn't finish the show on time and got out of the marathon A Day Before Us 2
HydroJenn 2018-12-06 Got a bad case of diabetes in Baja no Studio
FullmetalDragon 2018-12-11 Watching too much anime turned her into a demon in Strait Jacket